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Inflight200 is a leading manufacturer of high quality precision diecast 1:200 scale aircraft models.
We have set many standards of production in this scale, and are continually striving to make more accurate releases.

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Inflight News
C-130 Hercules
The InFlight200 team have all seen the C-130 Hercules evolve since the early sixties and wanted to add a nice representation of this aircraft to our ever growing range of models available to the collector. Many Hercules crews and collectors over the years have asked for a good model of their aircraft so we have decided to make a new mould and fill a gap in the market, pleasing many personnel who have flown as crew, passenger or just watched as an enthusiast as this iconic aircraft flies by. The InFlight200 team have added some special features to this model which we hope you like.

Convair CV-990

It was predictable that Inflight200 would follow on with the new moulding manufacture of the Convair 990 after such success with the Convair 880, being released early in 2014. This iconic Convair liner the "CV990" stays in the memories of model collectors and enthusiasts the world over who were fortunate enough to see it fly. Plumes of black smoke would be seen trailing behind the four modified General Electric J79 engines while admiring the unusual shape of the fairings on the top of the wings. Inflight 200 are very proud to be adding this type to the ever growing range of quality die-cast metal airliners available and hope this model can rekindle memories for anyone interested in classic airliners.
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